Översättningsrelaterade tjänster av medicinsk information - HB PerMed är ett företag med flera års erfarenhet av översättningar av medicinska texter såsom medicinska planscher, patientinformation, broschyrer m.m.

We work with organisations in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors that needs fast, reliable and 100 % accurate translations of medical texts, charts, brochures and patient information between Swedish, English, German and French
What makes us unique is a combination of fluent language skills along with a combined track record of over 50 years as physicians.

A particular strength of HB PerMed is the ability to ensure texts translated into Swedish are adapted to Swedish conditions and legal aspects of the Swedish authorities (Socialstyrelsen) by checking national guidelines and registries.
The service we offer is both highly responsive and simple. We accept texts in hard copy as well as electronic (doc. pdf. xml. and most other popular formats). Within 24 hours we can provide you with an estimate of cost and turnaround time

About us:
The PerMed team consists of Leif Dolonius and Per Hederström. We each have 25 years of experience as aneaesthesiologists and Intensive Care physicians.
LEIF DOLONIUS Leif Dolonius                                                                                        Per Hederström
HB PerMed
Gullmarsberg 459 451 95 UDDEVALLA
Tfn: 070-543 07 86 eller 076-228 18 27 Fax: 0522-643075
We are open:

Mon - Fri:  9 – 17 

Sat-Sun: Closed
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